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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, 8-Month Tick and Flea Control for Dogs Over 18 lbs. 2-Pack

We got a new puppy as you will hear on our latest podcast episode. The new puppy has gotten several new shots since he is going to be going in woods with me the vet recommends an oral flea n tick but we have had good luck with Seresto Flea and Tick Collars. We have one of these on every animal in the house and we have had so far in the last 2 years any issues with fleas and ticks.

Like always if you decide to buy the product through the provided Amazon link we do get a small commission it does help support the site and the work we are doing here and I THANK YOU not just for buying the product but for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and read the website.

Opie My New Bird Dog

bird dog

Today on the show we talk about my new puppy and new bird dog Opie the wonder dog. We get into how to train a bird dog and how to do basic obedience training with a puppy and how to housebreak them. We get into how to peacefully protest and people boycotting Jimmy Kimmel and Kristen Bell. Much More.

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Gear Day – Wysi Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes

Wysi Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes, Just Add Water – 100 Compressed Tablets

This is one of those products that I can honestly say I wish I had thought of because of its such a great idea. My wife and I have used these camping and at times to save some room in the diaper bag when our kids where small they are more durable than regular toilet paper and are a huge space saver especially in a diaper or bug out bag.

You just dip the small puck towel into the water for a second or two and it expands into a wet wipe or you can pull it apart dry if you need a dry wipe. Wet toilet paper is nowhere near as strong as this material and I have even found that wipes are not even as strong.

Even if you only carry a few of these for wet wiping and carry toilet paper for regular use you can’t go wrong with 100 of these for under 10 dollars.

Like always if you decide to buy the product through the provided Amazon link we do get a small commission it does help support the site and the work we are doing here and I THANK YOU not just for buying the product but for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and read the website.

Government Needs To Leave Big Tech Alone

Today on the show we get into government wanting to regulate Facebook and free speech. We get into Facebook and Google’s business model and how the government does not understand technology yet they want to regulate it going forward. We get into Facebook blocking certain subjects and how congress and the senate want to use Facebook for elections.

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The Side Business – Advertising To The Right Customer


When it comes to starting your business one thing you will need to do to get customers is advertising. By far word of mouth is the best kind of advertising but it’s the slowest. When deciding to advertise you are going to need to pick the advertising that is right for your kind of business.

To start with is your business a local business or a nationwide business. For example, if you have a plumbing business that’s going to be a local thing covering service and installs in a certain area you will need to target just that area to advertise. If you have a food product you can freeze you may be able to market online and sell nationwide.

No matter which way you are advertising local or nationwide you need to know your target market. Your target market is the customers that would be interested in your services or products. For example, if you are making a product to sell to new moms you generally would not advertise on the Home Depot website or in the Harbor Freight magazine. Both Home Depot and Harbor Freight target customers are men. You may want to advertise in a parenting magazine or on a baby blog since they are mostly targeting at the woman with families and moms with children.

Your marketing dollars in any business are important as just like anything else you can spend a lot of money and get back little to no return if not done properly. The goal of advertising is to grow the business to earn back the money you spent on advertising and to turn a profit. Try to find your cost of customer acquisition to gage your advertising. For example, if you are spending $100 dollars to get a customer but the customer is only spending $50 dollars you are losing money on every customer and must lower your price of acquisition or raise your prices to compensate for the loss.

Advertising to the wrong customer is a waste of money and time both of which are valuable to you as a small business owner. It does not matter if your business is full or part-time your time, in general, is valuable.

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Gear Day – GoodBoy Small Size Remote Collar for Dogs

GoodBoy Small Size Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep Vibration and Shock Modes for Pet Behavior Training – Waterproof & 1000 Feet Range – Suitable for Small, Medium or Large Dogs (10+ lbs)

Many survivalists like myself have pets specifically dogs and a dog can be a great asset in more ways than one but they need to be trained.

I would like to go on record to say I was kind of against this at first but my wife talked me into this since we took over training my moms over active Jack Russell / Yorkie mix he is actually doing much better in this training we don’t really shock him we mostly just vibrate him and he stops for $39 dollars its easy and is easier than yelling at him all the time.

I like the fact it’s waterproof, rechargeable and has a wireless remote.


Hunter and Gatherer Mentality

hunter gatherer

Today on the show we talk about the difference between the hunter, gatherer, prepper mentality vs permaculture. We get into building out the homestead and deciding what you need to do to prep when you are working and have a family. We get into how much you should prep if you are not building out a homestead infrastructure and what it takes to build out a homestead infrastructure. All that and more.

Gear Day – Folding Hand Truck, 70 Kg/155 lbs Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Solid Construction Utility Cart

I will start pointing out gear that I have and have used to help listeners and reads get the best equipment they can get and the best price.

If you decide to buy the product through the provided Amazon link we do get a small commission it does help support the site and the work we are doing here and I THANK YOU not just for buying the product but for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and read the website.

This is one tool I use a lot I keep it in my truck I bring stuff into the house with it a lot and I use it to move stuff around the property. I like that it’s foldable and portable I will say it’s not as sturdy as the one you would buy at home depot that’s all metal but for just moving stuff around its great.

It has straps built-in to tie down whatever you are moving so it does not fall off the cart that’s very handy. I would like it if the wheels had breaks to keep it from rolling at times but all in all, this is a good peice of equipment for the price.

  • Fold Up for Easy Storage
  • Weights 4 lbs
  • Heavy Duty And Durable
  • Holds Up to 155 lbs
  • High-Quality Tank Wheels
  • Adjustable Bungee Cord and Larger Capacity Backpack
  • Large Base Plate

The Side Business – Getting Started And What To Expect

side business

Believe it or not, most full-time companies did not start as full-time companies they started as someones side business or side project. Microsoft of all things started as a side business for Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The two guys just started programming together then ended up getting a few customers than a few more and pretty soon things exploded for them.

Everyone should start a business with the thought in mind that they want to work for themselves and want that financial freedom would bring but it does not always work out that way. As someone who tries to plan ahead you need to look at a side business at times as a backup plan. Your side business can be a safety net for you in the event you would ever lose your full-time job.

You need to look at your side business as something that may never be something you can do full time. For example, if you are a teacher working at the same school for say 20 years when you look at your healthcare plan, retirement plan and what you make a week there is a very good chance that selling soap at the local fairs and events will never bring you enough money to quit your full time job. That extra money is exactly that extra money that you never had before that can help pay your house off sooner, help put a child through college or pay a credit card off that you never seem to get a head-on.

When planning your side business it should be something you enjoy doing and realize when having a part-time business you will be giving up some of your free time. If you really want to make a go of your side business you will at the beginning be giving up many of your nights and weekends. If you are someone just doing your side business for a little extra money maybe you can only work a few nights a week or a weekend a month.

Just realize a side business is just like anything else you get out what you put into it on a daily basis. A side business may not be for everyone and that’s ok but if you are not going to have a side business you should at least plan ahead what you would do if you lose your job. Just to say I will get unemployment is not a plan as unemployment is not guaranteed.

Bow Hunting Season Starts

Today on the show we talk all about bow hunting. We talk about what it means to Brandon what to do to stay scentless in the woods. We get into how you should take care of your hunting gear and what kind of gear you should buy. We talk about different times of the year you can bow hunt and the difference between rifle and bow hunting. We talk some tree stand safety and much more…..

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