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My Daily Vitamin Regimen

My Daily Vitamin Regimen

I would like to point out the vitamin regimen I take every day to stay healthy. To me a vitamin regimen is important since I know for a fact my diet is not balanced enough to give me all the vitamins, I need daily. If I go a few days without taking them I do feel more tired and worn down then I normally do with my crazy schedule. I think since my schedule is so crazy having this vitamin regimen helps me stay healthy and on the go like I always am every day.

I would first like to point out I have no medical training whatsoever I only know what I have discussed with my doctor and what works for me I recommend before starting anything consult with your doctor first.

I take a men’s multivitamin every day as part of my daily regimen. This helps give me a daily dose of a little bit of everything that I need to help stay healthy. I next take is B12. B12 is supposed to be great for energy and help with anxiety and depression. The next pill I take is vitamin C I know I don’t get enough of this and my immune system is not the greatest especially with two small kids running around I find myself getting sick less and my colds have lasted a few days rather than few weeks.

The next supplement I take is fish oil. I know for a fact that high blood pressure, cholesterol and high triglycerides run in my family. For this reason, I am trying to head off the heart attacks since fish oil promotes heart health and helps fight cholesterol and high triglycerides. The next part of my vitamin regimen is a probiotic as it helps with all-around gut health. The last is vitamin D as I know I work in an office all day and do not get nearly enough sunlight.

That about completes my daily vitamin regimen I take mostly 1000 or 500 milligrams of everything every day. I would like to say again please consult with your doctor first.

The Side Business – Advertising To The Right Customer


When it comes to starting your business one thing you will need to do to get customers is advertising. By far word of mouth is the best kind of advertising but it’s the slowest. When deciding to advertise you are going to need to pick the advertising that is right for your kind of business.

To start with is your business a local business or a nationwide business. For example, if you have a plumbing business that’s going to be a local thing covering service and installs in a certain area you will need to target just that area to advertise. If you have a food product you can freeze you may be able to market online and sell nationwide.

No matter which way you are advertising local or nationwide you need to know your target market. Your target market is the customers that would be interested in your services or products. For example, if you are making a product to sell to new moms you generally would not advertise on the Home Depot website or in the Harbor Freight magazine. Both Home Depot and Harbor Freight target customers are men. You may want to advertise in a parenting magazine or on a baby blog since they are mostly targeting at the woman with families and moms with children.

Your marketing dollars in any business are important as just like anything else you can spend a lot of money and get back little to no return if not done properly. The goal of advertising is to grow the business to earn back the money you spent on advertising and to turn a profit. Try to find your cost of customer acquisition to gage your advertising. For example, if you are spending $100 dollars to get a customer but the customer is only spending $50 dollars you are losing money on every customer and must lower your price of acquisition or raise your prices to compensate for the loss.

Advertising to the wrong customer is a waste of money and time both of which are valuable to you as a small business owner. It does not matter if your business is full or part-time your time, in general, is valuable.

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The Side Business – Getting Started And What To Expect

side business

Believe it or not, most full-time companies did not start as full-time companies they started as someones side business or side project. Microsoft of all things started as a side business for Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The two guys just started programming together then ended up getting a few customers than a few more and pretty soon things exploded for them.

Everyone should start a business with the thought in mind that they want to work for themselves and want that financial freedom would bring but it does not always work out that way. As someone who tries to plan ahead you need to look at a side business at times as a backup plan. Your side business can be a safety net for you in the event you would ever lose your full-time job.

You need to look at your side business as something that may never be something you can do full time. For example, if you are a teacher working at the same school for say 20 years when you look at your healthcare plan, retirement plan and what you make a week there is a very good chance that selling soap at the local fairs and events will never bring you enough money to quit your full time job. That extra money is exactly that extra money that you never had before that can help pay your house off sooner, help put a child through college or pay a credit card off that you never seem to get a head-on.

When planning your side business it should be something you enjoy doing and realize when having a part-time business you will be giving up some of your free time. If you really want to make a go of your side business you will at the beginning be giving up many of your nights and weekends. If you are someone just doing your side business for a little extra money maybe you can only work a few nights a week or a weekend a month.

Just realize a side business is just like anything else you get out what you put into it on a daily basis. A side business may not be for everyone and that’s ok but if you are not going to have a side business you should at least plan ahead what you would do if you lose your job. Just to say I will get unemployment is not a plan as unemployment is not guaranteed.

My Chickens On My Homestead

Showing off my chickens on my homestead my wife did actually get the gets we had 2 eggs actually in the house when I went in after the video was done.

New Chicks

So as part of the new homestead, we have started raising farm animals to help with the homesteading process. We ordered 6 chicks from a local farm and they arrived nice and furry with no feathers. When you get chicks a few days old you want to make sure you give them chick starter feed which is a high protein based diet to help them get started. Make sure water is warm to room temperature and you have a good heat lamp and heat only the one side of the pen.

These little guys were dropped off yesterday by a friend and as you can see their not baby chicks there about three weeks old and have already started to get their feather. The key is when you have chicks that are of different age don’t put them in the same pen with the other chicks.

These guys can be outside during the day as long as it’s not cold and for the most part, don’t need any heat lamp. These guys at 3 weeks old are out of danger zone. The baby chicks that are only a few days old still need care there fragile at that age because they can’t keep themselves warm. Don’t be upset it’s possible you may loose one or two when your raising baby chicks.

So far everyone is good we will keep you up to date on the new livestock as we get it here at the homestead.

Going Home By A. American Book Review

Going Home By A. American Book Review

I want to first start out by saying I give this book 5 stars. This book was great it followed a character Morgan Carter’s 250 mile trip to his home after his car breaks down. But things are about to get much, much worse as Morgan finds the country’s power grid has collapsed. There is no electricity, no running water, no Internet, and no way to know when normalcy will be restored or if it ever will be. An avid survivalist, Morgan takes to the road with his prepper pack on his back.

The book gets right into it there was no real slow parts to the story. Starting the book goes into Morgan driving home and his car breaks down with in the first 10 pages you are into the story.

I liked how the book covers everything Morgan has in his pack and what he is using them for really giving people reading the book insight on what every prepper should have in his or her pack. They even give brand names and places where Morgan purchased items in some cases.

A American really touches on civilization and what people could be like without law and order as Morgan deals with the biggest threat to this life people. Morgan does make some friends along the way but runs into his share of problems with the breakdown of civilization.

One thing I do like about the book is that there is nothing really scifi about it. For the most part we don’t get into why the situation happened just Morgan is going to get home and his travel through the woods and small towns in Florida.

Overall I would say this is a great book for any prepper to read as it has great story but also some very good helpful information.

One Second After by William R. Forstchen Book Review

I want to start off by saying I bought this book on paperback at BAM books because a person working there recommended it. I then turned on Coast To Coast AM the next night and heard William R. Forstchen talking to George Noory so I know I had to read this book.

I have to say there are parts that are hard to read. The part about not having medications for people in need was hard to read. People needing insulin not having it and having to decide who lives or dies based on who is considered import to the effort of keeping the group operating was difficult to read at times.

The parts about rationing food was hard to read deciding how many calories is enough for people to survive on without dying. These were hard decisions for the characters to make but important to survive.

There was parts of EMP survival that never crossed my mind like birth control and population boom because of it during a long term disaster like EMP. There was issues of cigarette rationing and hunting limitations I never thought of either. There were things to consider like do you feed your pets or not.

The book basically centers around a small town hit by an EMP and having to survive with what they have. The main character in the book a professor and former Army Ranger is the perfect main character for this book. He faces internal struggles as well as professional struggles to try keep the town and his family alive during this huge disaster.

I am going to give the book 4 stars because it was a great book but sometimes hard to read due to the content. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in EMPs, any pepper or survivalist it’s a great informative read