Gear Day – Folding Hand Truck, 70 Kg/155 lbs Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Solid Construction Utility Cart

I will start pointing out gear that I have and have used to help listeners and reads get the best equipment they can get and the best price.

If you decide to buy the product through the provided Amazon link we do get a small commission it does help support the site and the work we are doing here and I THANK YOU not just for buying the product but for taking time out of your day to listen to the podcast and read the website.

This is one tool I use a lot I keep it in my truck I bring stuff into the house with it a lot and I use it to move stuff around the property. I like that it’s foldable and portable I will say it’s not as sturdy as the one you would buy at home depot that’s all metal but for just moving stuff around its great.

It has straps built-in to tie down whatever you are moving so it does not fall off the cart that’s very handy. I would like it if the wheels had breaks to keep it from rolling at times but all in all, this is a good peice of equipment for the price.

  • Fold Up for Easy Storage
  • Weights 4 lbs
  • Heavy Duty And Durable
  • Holds Up to 155 lbs
  • High-Quality Tank Wheels
  • Adjustable Bungee Cord and Larger Capacity Backpack
  • Large Base Plate