Gear Day – Wysi Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes

Wysi Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes, Just Add Water – 100 Compressed Tablets

This is one of those products that I can honestly say I wish I had thought of because of its such a great idea. My wife and I have used these camping and at times to save some room in the diaper bag when our kids where small they are more durable than regular toilet paper and are a huge space saver especially in a diaper or bug out bag.

You just dip the small puck towel into the water for a second or two and it expands into a wet wipe or you can pull it apart dry if you need a dry wipe. Wet toilet paper is nowhere near as strong as this material and I have even found that wipes are not even as strong.

Even if you only carry a few of these for wet wiping and carry toilet paper for regular use you can’t go wrong with 100 of these for under 10 dollars.

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