My Daily Vitamin Regimen

My Daily Vitamin Regimen

I would like to point out the vitamin regimen I take every day to stay healthy. To me a vitamin regimen is important since I know for a fact my diet is not balanced enough to give me all the vitamins, I need daily. If I go a few days without taking them I do feel more tired and worn down then I normally do with my crazy schedule. I think since my schedule is so crazy having this vitamin regimen helps me stay healthy and on the go like I always am every day.

I would first like to point out I have no medical training whatsoever I only know what I have discussed with my doctor and what works for me I recommend before starting anything consult with your doctor first.

I take a men’s multivitamin every day as part of my daily regimen. This helps give me a daily dose of a little bit of everything that I need to help stay healthy. I next take is B12. B12 is supposed to be great for energy and help with anxiety and depression. The next pill I take is vitamin C I know I don’t get enough of this and my immune system is not the greatest especially with two small kids running around I find myself getting sick less and my colds have lasted a few days rather than few weeks.

The next supplement I take is fish oil. I know for a fact that high blood pressure, cholesterol and high triglycerides run in my family. For this reason, I am trying to head off the heart attacks since fish oil promotes heart health and helps fight cholesterol and high triglycerides. The next part of my vitamin regimen is a probiotic as it helps with all-around gut health. The last is vitamin D as I know I work in an office all day and do not get nearly enough sunlight.

That about completes my daily vitamin regimen I take mostly 1000 or 500 milligrams of everything every day. I would like to say again please consult with your doctor first.