New Chicks

So as part of the new homestead, we have started raising farm animals to help with the homesteading process. We ordered 6 chicks from a local farm and they arrived nice and furry with no feathers. When you get chicks a few days old you want to make sure you give them chick starter feed which is a high protein based diet to help them get started. Make sure water is warm to room temperature and you have a good heat lamp and heat only the one side of the pen.

These little guys were dropped off yesterday by a friend and as you can see their not baby chicks there about three weeks old and have already started to get their feather. The key is when you have chicks that are of different age don’t put them in the same pen with the other chicks.

These guys can be outside during the day as long as it’s not cold and for the most part, don’t need any heat lamp. These guys at 3 weeks old are out of danger zone. The baby chicks that are only a few days old still need care there fragile at that age because they can’t keep themselves warm. Don’t be upset it’s possible you may loose one or two when your raising baby chicks.

So far everyone is good we will keep you up to date on the new livestock as we get it here at the homestead.