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Hunter and Gatherer Mentality

hunter gatherer

Today on the show we talk about the difference between the hunter, gatherer, prepper mentality vs permaculture. We get into building out the homestead and deciding what you need to do to prep when you are working and have a family. We get into how much you should prep if you are not building out a homestead infrastructure and what it takes to build out a homestead infrastructure. All that and more.

Permaculture Basics

Today on the show we get to the nuts and bolt of permaculture. We talk about how to use chickens to fertilize your soil. We get into the details of using goldfish and goldfish water as fertilizer. We talk about seed starting and using parts of tree roots.

We get into different kind of trees and how and where to properly plant them. We get into starting a small garden and using cardboard as a base. Plus much more….