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Holiday Travel Tips

holiday travel tips

Today on the show we go over holiday travel tips and prepper travel practices. We go over what you should have in your car, what you should pack and what should go in your carry on luggage. We get into airline travel and hotel situations. We get into the importance of bringing extra essential items and much more.

25 Tips For Preparing To Save Money

25 Tips For Preparing To Save Money

Today on the show we go over cost saving tips to help you save money and prepare to put money away.

1.buy food smarter
2. cut back on cable
3. invite friends over instead of going out
4. go shopping don’t buy name brands
5. cut back on going out to eat
6. refill water bottels
7. quit smoking or make your own cigerates
8. timers on lights
9. go to library
10. cut back on subscription services
11. use energy efficient lighting
12. coupon when you can
13. stop buying lunch out and pack food for road trips
14. swap babysitting with neighbors or people you trust
15. try fix things yourself
16. start a garden
17. take public transit or car pool
18. bring coffee from home
19. cut back on cell phone bill
20. consolidate student loans
21. use generic razor (dollar shave club)
22. don’t speed
23. cut back on trash (composting)
24. take medications use the generic
25. manage heat and air situation